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Review The Last Lumber Shield

Who's The Favourite For Lumber Shield 3

listen to the last press conference

The web site is getting a bit of a makeover again, it's not complete though. The Third Lumber Shield is the next tournament scheduled but we still seem to have a problem deciding which date is best for Lumber Shield 3 (LS3). Sadly, there was no Lumber Shield tournament in 2001 but hopefully it can take place in the early part of 2002. We will need the full co-operation of the spTT players to make it a success. If you know someone whose name is not below, who is seriously interested in taking part then let me know. From how things look so far, it seems like the top half of the draw will be hard to handle, the harder it is for H. Cooper, the better. There seems to be a possibility of H. Cooper meeting E. Lamb. E. Lamb claims that, with enough practice, he can take out H. Cooper. H. Cooper thinks that E. Lamb could never beat him, even at his best. We can't forget D. Phillips or N. Casey though, who will do everything to make sure that matchup doesn't happen. Well, that's if they show up. What about R. McKoy and B. Bennett. Those two haven't shown their faces in quite a while. Are they afraid of the competition? I guess so. If you want to hear some of the players talk about R. McKoy listen to the last press conference, it will give you an idea of what people's thoughts are about R. McKoy. You'll need real player though. We need to know if the winner of LS3 will get something apart from the privilege to sign the Lumber Shield. If so, who'll pay for it?

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The first half of the draw looks somewhat stronger than the second half. Anyway, we'll see if it can live up to its potential.


The fixtures for the next tournament are:

Match 1: H. Cooper vs 16
Match 2: D. Phillips vs 12
Match 3: E. Lamb vs 14
Match 4: N. Casey vs 10
Match 5: A. Lewis vs 15
Match 6: T. Mortis vs 11
Match 7: S. Lewis vs 13
Match 8: R. Santos vs K. Lamb

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