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Welcome to the spStuff page.  Nothing much to talk about since we haven't had a tournament since June 2001. Unfortunately there were no Lumber Shield Tournaments in 2001. Anyway, let's hope and pray that we can be able to have a much more regular schedule for 2002. Some people are busy on weekends, working and going to school, but something should be able to work out for tournaments to be held. Hopefully this web site will be buzzing with superpongers during the new year.

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We have lots of things in spMusic. Check out the featured bands, there are not a lot as yet but in time there should be a lot of bands and artistes featured. Take a look at these albums as well, they might be right for you.

Resonate by Sonicflood
More by Crystal Lewis
Satellite by P.O.D.

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Vote for that person whom you think will win the next tournament. If your name isn't on the poll but you want to cast a vote, check out some resources first.


12 CDs for the Price of 1!

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  You may notice that there is a link to You can use the forum there by using username: superpongtt and password: sptt.

International Table Tennis Federation
Butterfly Online
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