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  Super Pong Table Tennis started back in November 1999 but not under that name. It was started basically as a result of a few table tennis players deciding to have a tournament after years of just playing basically for fun and not competitively. The first tournament was played with eight people and was won by Harrison Cooper with the winning prize being a cake.
There was then a long break before the next tournament, since this next tournament did not take place until July of the following year. The roster for this tournament was expanded to include sixteen players even though we did not have a full turnout. This tournament was called the Lumber Shield since the prize was made out of mahogany. It was then later decided that the first tournament held in the previous year would have been the first Lumber Shield. This, the second Lumber Shield, was won by Pastor Rick Lucas, who got to be the second player to sign the Lumber Shield. 
We then had another tournament about six weeks later, which was the called "The 4 inch $25 Trophy Championship." This was won by Newton Casey. There was one glitch however, as no one new what had happened to the trophy except one guy who shall remain un-named.
We were then scheduled to have had another tournament in October of 2000, but there was a poor turnout, so it's questionable whether that was a legitimate tournament or not.