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Player Profiles:
Below you can find profiles for some players who have taken part in previous tournaments and some who will take part in upcoming tournaments. Profiles were written by the webmaster, so if you are a player and don't like how you've been described you can check with the webmaster and submit your personal profile. It would be better if we could get all the players to change their profile to reflect their own opinions eventually. These profiles were made prior to the Green Table Trophy Champ, they should be changed soon, whether to something the player submits or that I, the webmaster, make up.
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H. Cooper:
Big bad Mr. Cooper thinks he's all that and a smash. Just because he's the player with the most tournament wins on tour, he thinks he's so great. This guy practiced new moves during a match against his brother. If that's not disrespectful, I don't know what is. He was practicing how to use the pen-hold while in the midlle of a match, that's just not right. He is certainly due for a humbling experience. Watch your back Mr. Cooper.
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K. Lamb:
Still does not have any serious tournament run to date but he did put on a good performance against D. Phillips in the last tournament. Just needs to prevent distractions from taking him out of his game.He also needs to stop focusing on winning a tournament until he can get himself to a semi-final in a well attended tournament.
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D. Phillips:
D. Phillips is still a player who can hold his own. He practices less than most of the other strong players which is very bad since most of the strong players barely practice at all.
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A. Lewis:
This player's game is really in question. Has always had sparks of brilliance but the fire has never really been ignited. He's going into some training and plans to come back with a vengeance next time around. He plans on taking no prisoners and going all the way, demolishing anyone who so desires. No pity, no mercy, no allies.
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N. Casey:
Definitely one to watch. He took out the top ranked player, at the time, H. Cooper, in his frist tournament and went on to the semi-finals in that same tournament. The next tournament, he went all the way to victory lane. Should be feared by most players as he does have the game to totally demoralise a weaker player or give a stronger player a very good challenge. Look for him to make a strong showing at the next tournament if he shows up.
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S. Lewis:
A fairly good player in his own rights. S. Lewis does have the game to cause an upset and if given the opportunity can cause all the top players some misery. Has not yet proven himself to be a contender for victory lane but he just might be a surprise in the next tournament. Look for him to put in a spirited showing.
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R. McKoy:
Definitely one to watch and watch out for. He has yet to win a tournament but has been to the semis twice and the finals once. Always seems to have problems passing top ranked players but he does have the stuff to be in the points and has potential of winning if he could only mix it up a little, stop being so predictable and actually make it to a tournament.
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Not yet one of the top players but does has potential of improving. A little time spent practicing certainly won't hurt. Has shown much improvement over his precious form and judging from what has been seen in some of his practice sessions, he could be fairly competitive in the future. If only he would get out and go play some ping pong more often.
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R. Santos:
Definitely an improving player and the fact that he has his own table certainly doesn't hurt at all. This said, though, he should be a pretty good player with all the practice that he should be getting. He has shown some potential but has yet to be a problem to any of the top players. Look for him to probably join the top players if he improves on his game, tries hard, uses his table and decides to wear better footwear.
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C. Clarke:
Not exactly one of the top players in the league. Mr. Clarke, has however proven that he does have potential and if he would just work at his game he could improve to being a good player and over time make up there with the top players. Perfect practice makes perfect.
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B. Bennett:
A one time great. Not up to the standards that he once was at. Not a dominant player anymore but he still can hold his own and can pull off that upset once in a while. With practice, he could get back to his former self and eventually he could be a contender for champion.
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E. Lamb:
Finalist from the green table trophy champ. He is one of the top players. Has weird philosophies about winning a game. Should be competitive if he shows up next tournament, no problem if he doesn't though.
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T. Mortis:
Being the oldest among the group, T. Mortis is a man among boys. Does not have the conventional high powered game that most of the players favour. However, his unconventional style and love for spin can certainly become a problem to many of the players who are not used to this kind of play. He is also the luickiest player in spTT history, as he came fourth in the green table trophy championship without winning a single game.
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E. Cooper:
Not neccessarily one of the better players, but he's okay, can get better with practice. Enough said.
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M. Brown
Hasn't had much playing opportunity for a very long while. M. Brown does not necessarily represent the player top beat. If he got in some practice he could cause some problems but if not he should be an easy pass top the second round. Sorry for the bad review but you can change it if you like.