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Well, this page is not only about Christafari but also about Lionofzion, which is Christafari's record company. Lionofzion releases compilation discs that would be appropriately be put in the same area as Christafari. Well, Christafari made a stop here in Belize in April, 2001 and put on two very good shows. With some howling guitars, smooth reggae beats, and Mark Mohr flashing his locks, they got the crowds jumping. You may think the name Christafari is a cross between Christian and Rastafari, which you probably wouldn't agree with, but it's not actually a cross between those words. I don't quite remember where the name came from though. The last two compilations released by their record label, Lionofzion were Dancehall Baptism Chapter 1 and Raggamuffin Hip-Hop. Both were well like here in Belize and are a big favourite of the superpongers. Below is a list of some of their albums which you could purchase from as well as links to lyrics for some of their songs. Some links don't work as yet, in time they should. No, Christafari is not made up of only one member, as the picture to the left might have you to believe, that's just a picture of their leader, Mark Mohr.
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  Links to lyrics to some of Christafari's songs are below, click an album link before proceeding.

Word Sound & Power

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