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Skillet is not quite as popular as some other Christian pop/rock groups like dc Talk or  Audio Adrenaline or Newsboys but personally I think they should be. They released their first album back in 1996 entitled "Skillet". The band then, however is not the band now. They started off with three member band of John L. Cooper, Ken Steorts and Trey McClurkin. John L. Cooper's wife, Korey Cooper, then joined the band just before the release of their second album "Hey You I Love Your Soul". They the lost their guitarist, Ken Steorts, between then and their third release and a new guitarist, Kevin Haaland, joined the band. It didn't stop there though. Trey McClurkin left the band just after their third album "Invincible" was released and a new female drummer, Lori Peters, joined the band. It didn't stop there, Kevin Haaland then left the band and they got another guitarist in Ben Kasica. They haven't had any changes since then, so the current band is John L. Cooper - lead vocals, bass, and band leader, Korey Cooper - vocals, keyboards, Lori Peters - drums, Ben Kasica - guitars. There new album is called Alien Youth which is said, by them, to be their heaviest album to date. It has done well so far on several charts including the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Below is a list of some of their albums which you could purchase from as well as links to lyrics for some of their songs. Some links don't work as yet, in time they should.
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Links to lyrics to some of Skillet.'s songs are below, click an album link before proceeding.

Hey You I Love Your Soul
Alien Youth

Some links to other Skillet sites where you can get lots more information about Skillet. are: < the official site