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P.O.D. is currently one of the most popular Christian bands in the U.S. if not in the World. There popularity is partly due to their touring with a number of secular artistes. They have toured with Korn as well as opened for a variety of secular artistes. They are also under a secular lable. You might be thinking that P.O.D. is more of a secular band than Christian but they are committed to following the Lord and use the exposure that they generate to spread God's Word to the kids and adults out there who would never be caught dead or alive at a "Christian" concert. They have recently released their album "Satellite". It's already a big hit, selling more than half a million copies in its first week. The first single off that album was #1 on MTV's TRL for several days. That's a big achievement in that rock songs rarely ever make it to #1 on TRL. Actually one of their previous big hits "Rock The Party (Off The Hook)" was the 2nd song to ever make it to #1 on MTV's TRL. They will soon be getting ready to go on their Youth Of The Nation Tour, so if you are in the US keep a watch out for them in your area. Below is a list of some of their albums which you could purchase from as well as links to lyrics for some of their songs. Some links don't work as yet, in time they should.
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Download a copy of the song "Alive" by P.O.D.

Links to lyrics to some of P.O.D.'s songs are below, click an album link before proceeding.

Snuff The Punk
Fundamental Elements of Southtown

Some links to other P.O.D. sites where you can get lots more information about P.O.D. are: < the official site