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Dirt is a hip-hop artist, though some would disagree about his music being hip-hop. Personally I would say that it's hip-hop, just that it's not the normal fast paced loads of bass, synthetic sounding hip-hop that is popular among some hip-hop lovers. It's a more underground sound. His lyrics need to be listened to closely or else you might get a different message than what he is trying to bring across. It's not necessarily an album you'd give to a non-Christian in hopes of leading him to Christ since to understand some of his songs you would need to know your Bible, he even says that in what one his songs. I personally like his style, except the part where he gets into a bit of rock which I don't think fits him all that well. He has a nice supporting cast on his latest project including Golden Child, formerly of Sons of Intellect. That's about it.

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Buy Dirt.'s latest album: "A War To Restore"

Some of Dirt's albums to date are:

A War To Restore


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Some links to other Dirt sites where you can get lots more information about Dirt are: < the official site